Blog anniversary, K-drama, and listening comprehension

Thursday was Koreanstudentblog’s first birthday 🙂 Wow, time has really been flying!
Thanks everyone for following, commenting, and liking. I am amazed everyday that so many are learning Korean so diligently and it encourages me to keep going as well 🙂

These past days I have been sick and not being able to focus on books, I thought it was a good time to catch up on a drama. My language partner recommended I can hear your voice last week, and it’s so goood! And the soundtrack is great too.

What is great for Korean learners is that every time a new “term” is introduced, they will write the word as well as a two-line introduction in the corner of the screen. They include things ranging from the game theoretical concept of “the Prisoners’ Dilemma” to defining “circumstancial evicence”.

At some point I even started writing down those words. Always the geek 😀
Ideally I would rewatch the drama with a notebook and write both the terms and the Korean definitions given. For now I will stick to writing glossary on my phone while watching.

Some of the episodes are not completely subbed, but I have been really pleasantly surprised that I can still follow many things without the subtitles when a sentence or two suddenly go AWOL. Unless it’s conversation in a trial of course where the vocabulary changes quite significantly. Even when all subtitles are there, I do try to listen actively for nuances that the subtitles do not catch or just to learn new words. I guess catching the flu wasn’t all bad then 😉

Again, thank you for reading. I will work hard to post things frequently and hope you will find them interesting and helpful 🙂


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