Horror! TOPIK is during Easter!

My TOPIK journey just got a bit more difficult. Well, TOPIK is in the same weekend every year it seems, and next year it just happens to be colliding with Easter. Bad news: I cannot go.

I just cannot go away for three days during the Easter weekend (one day for travelling there, one day for exam, home on the day after the exam) due to family commitments and the fact that travelling that specific weekend is going to be prohibitively expensive on a student budget.

How did I miss that in the first place?

October 2014, here I come… I’m trying terribly hard to get my enthusiasm back in gear. Maybe it’s for the best? Many students have struggled with the jump from level 2 to level 3 and why should I be the one to magically make the jump that quickly when quite frankly I don’t spend enough time on Korean? (and yes, I know I have only myself to blame for that).

At least there are two exams in London from 2013 so by missing the April exam in 2014, I wouldn’t have to wait a whole year for the next one.

Now I’m just left to wonder whether that new exam format will actually be implemented or not. Has anyone heard?


7 thoughts on “Horror! TOPIK is during Easter!

      1. koreanlearner Post author

        Yeah, all in the same weekend. But if I could commute by train, it would be manageable, then it would be just that one day of the exam and I would only have to pay the exam fee, and maybe an extra zone for my train pass. Since there is no TOPIK where I live, I have to pay plane fares as well…

      2. musicalarts98

        That’s bad! Some countries are lucky to have more than one exam halls, I have the one an only TOPIK held in my country, lucky that it’s not that far from where I live maybe a less an hour drive.

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