Me vs. Flat metal chopsticks: 0-1

I usually manage quite well with chopsticks. Until I met the flat metal variety… Emphasis on flat.
Apparently I have a well functioning, but less-than-correct technique that has worked for years with round chopsticks that does not work with the flat ones. You can get pretty and decorated flat ones, but what is the point in setting a nice table if you then eat like a brute?
I’m basically re-learning how to feed myself in a civilised manner. Me vs. chopsticks: 0-1. It doesn’t end here!

What about you guys? Do you go hungry when you come across flat chopsticks or is it all the same whether they are round or flat?


4 thoughts on “Me vs. Flat metal chopsticks: 0-1

  1. Rob Oakley

    Actually, I am the opposite. I have trouble with the round ones, while people often comment that my dexterity with (Korean, flat metal) chopsticks is better than some Koreans.
    I am completely useless with the yellow plastic (take away Style) chopsticks – but ok with the disposable bamboo ones…

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      Interesting. I think plastic chopsticks can be difficult because they are so slippery. Often people complain that metal chopsticks are slippery, but I think plastic ones are more difficult. I think my problem is that I have always kept my ring finger straight and supported the chopstick with the tip of my finger rather than bending it and letting the bottom stick rest on it. When holding flat chopsticks that way, the angle between them becomes all wrong and they slide around :-S

  2. Rob Oakley

    I am trying to imagine that – I am going to try with my ring finger straight with my next meal, ㅋㅋㅋ! I notice that many people have their own unique style!

    Great Blog by the way!


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