Reading: I don’t write notes, but I see the bookmark move

As mentioned in the last reading post, I have started reading Pippi Longstocking. At first I thought about writing notes and vocabulary, but then I decided against it. I know this is not what many other learners do, but I tried the whole vocabulary list thing with other books, and it just kills the joy of reading for me. I never manage more than a couple of pages if following such a regime because the flow of reading stops. Also, it begins to feel like homework since I then feel it can only be done with a notebook and a somewhere flat to put the notebook while writing.

What I do now is that I read and look up but don’t write down what I just looked up. Sometimes I save it in my electronic dictionary, though, if I think it’s a really good word.
If I don’t know a word, I will look it up without exception, and if I have to look it up 12 times before it sticks then that is what I will do. Even if I only read 3 pages before falling asleep, I still manage to read enough to actually turn the page. That may seem like a small victory, but to me it’s a really big one because I can see the bookmark move just a tiny bit every evening.

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