Learning log: week 45

What I have did last week:

Grammar: I worked a bit in the Sogang books. Not enough, though. As usual…
Writing: I filled in open-ended questions in the Sogang 2A workbook. No essay this week.
Reading: 삐삐 롱스타킹: until page 19 (book starts on page 9).
1. Korean music. This week primarily the OST from 너의 목소리가 들려.
2. Watching 너의 목소리가 들려.
Speaking: does making up fictive dialogues count?

In spite of having been sick and having to catch up on academic stuff, I guess I have been doing ok with Korean.

2 thoughts on “Learning log: week 45

  1. Rob Oakley

    헐! I am surprised that you are using the Sogang 2A book. Don’t you find it too easy for your level? IN comparison to TOPIK levels 2 and 3!
    I am studying the 2A book but from reading your blog your level is much higher than mine.

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      For TOPIK level 2-3, Sogang 2A is on the low side. I do know the grammar in there (except for a few points) but there are so many new words and expressions that I don’t feel like skipping it. Especially since my speaking skills are still very challenged so the more everyday language I read, asking for directions and so on, the better. I have learned a lot of new grammar through writing essays and having them corrected by language partners so most of the grammar points in 2A I have used before in my essays. That being said, I am nowhere near level 3 TOPIK yet…


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