Learning log

It’s been a little while since my last learning log post, but I have been doing a little bit 🙂

I’ve been working on pronunciation with my language partner, and I think I’m doing better 🙂 I feel more comfortable saying things in Korean, but I’m still not able to hold a regular conversation. However, improving my pronunciation and my feeling of actually knowing that my pronunciation isn’t completely off means that I can focus more and more on actually remembering words and using them in conversation.

I’ve been watching 주군의 태양.
Random fact: I love that when the middle syllable falls off her office door sign, the “special customer service” reads as 귀실, basically reducing it to a ghost room 😀

Grammar and vocabulary:
I have not been studying grammar actively lately, but I “listen actively” when watching a drama episode. That being said, it is no substitute for my grammar studies. I really should study some grammar in the Christmas holidays…

Limited… Only text messages and kakaotalk to be honest. I just don’t have time to write essays these days 😦 however, it improves my memory when it comes to regular expressions and ability to write in more casual situations.

I have been reading a lot lately – sadly not Korean books, though…


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