Butt to bench and to-do list

My brother once introduced me to the term “butt to bench”. What it includes is to sit by your desk and work with something until you understand it – whether it’s economics or grammar – and not giving up.

By all means take a break sometimes, but never just give up on something because it appears to be difficult at first glance. Actually, that is something for which I really admire the Korean learners out there; they obviously don’t give up even when learning conditions are not ideal.

My to do list for today:

For my Econometrics and game theory exam on Tuesday:
Logarithmic regressions, Bayesian games, and brushing up on a paper about incentives for civil servants.

1. Shadow reading (thank you to Korean Vitamin yet again for ideas for how to improve both reading and speaking at the same time).
2. Grammar point -기로 했어요


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