Writing practice for beginners: trace and copy style

Not everybody has a book for practicing writing 한글 and how the apperance of some letters change slightly when they combine with others into syllables. Here is a practice document that I think could be useful for beginners who are not completely clueless about 한글 (for those who are, check out the videos in the menu “Korean starter kit” above), but feel that they need just a bit more practice.

The file consists of three pages with simple words that are very good to know.
#1: A table with the consonants and vowels and their combinations.
#2: Greetings and words related to education
#3: Words related to the body.
Translations are deliberately not included since it will also act as an exercise for looking up words written in 한글 whether by typing on computer or using a paper dictionary, but as for the words relating to the body, I can reveal that words have been listed going from head to toe 😉

File: Beginner Writing Practice

Still feeling overwhelmed? Check out twoChois’s selection of penmanship practice books. For instance Step by Step Korean Penmanship seems like a really pedagogical option.


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