Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you will have a great time with the people you love.

I’m really a food-person so naturally I’m curious about what you will have for dinner/lunch (depending on your traditions where you’re from).

In my family we have a biiiig dinner on the 24th and a biiiiig lunch on the 25th.

Since it’s just me and my parents for dinner this year we will have duck (last year my brother and his family flew in from London so we had goose, my sister always has her own celebration with her husband and children).
With the duck comes red cabbage, “browned potatoes” (sugar-glazed potatoes) and gravy. For dessert we have “kærnemælksfromage” which I have absolutely no idea how to translate… It’s a special type of pudding based on buttermilk (no cheese inspite of the ‘fromage’ in the name). My mother puts in a whole almond (without skin) and the person who finds it gets the “almond present”.

The dessert is special for my family since basically the rest of Denmark eats “ris à la mande” which is a Danish dessert (despite the name) that is made from mixing rice porridge with whipped cream, chopped almonds, and sometimes a bit of liquer. My mum has made a different dessert since my sister was a little girl since she could never stand rice porridge and it would be a shame if a child absolutely detested the dessert on Christmas Eve. So now it’s our tradition that we keep even if my sister does not celebrate Christmas Eve with us. Afterwards we have chocolates and Christmas cookies (my mother’s mother’s mother’s recipes) after opening our presents.

What do you eat for Christmas?


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