Learning log: week 1 of 2014

I have been quite active this week and I studied Korean in some form every day.

Specifically, I’ve made progress with numbers, and I am reaching the point where I can relatively easily translate from letters to digits as well as the other way. I’m still experiencing a bit of trouble translating from digits into written native Korean numbers, occasionally writing a sino-Korean number for the very last digit. Odd… As for the sino-Korean system, I’m becoming much more confident – even with quite large numbers.

I’ve also practiced alternating between different speech levels to get it really worked in. My first notebook that I never completed has experienced a revival for writing practice sentences.

I focused on these two areas of Korean this week, since I also have a final exam this upcoming week and one more the week after that. Rather focus my efforts.

Since the beginning of the holidays I have been sleeping a lot more and I feel a lot more alert during the day. However, part of my sleep should almost count as revision since I’ve been dreaming of both Korean grammar and hypotheticals for the law exam… Hmm…


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