Final exam frustrations

Korean studies are on hold until tomorrow afternoon after my final exam. Next week I have one more. All of a sudden I got a little uneasy about it although I’ve been exceedingly calm about it throughout the whole Christmas break. Actually I wasn’t nervous until I got a mail from a classmate earlier today, asking for a copy of ALL of my notes for next week’s exam. She even suggests dropping by at the office where I work to get them, making copies, and then returning them. I still haven’t decided what to answer. My jaw dropped when I read the mail, thinking “again?”.

On one hand, what are the odds someone else will make anything sensible of my handwritten notes if she cannot get anything out of her own? I won’t lose anything from sharing my notes in that respect, and our grades are absolute, not based on a normal distribution. Furthermore it’s a closed-book exam so no aids are allowed in the room on the day anyway.

On the other hand, I feel annoyed since this is the only type of exchanges we’ve had for about two months. No smalltalk, no coffee breaks, just “what do you think of XYZ?”. I’m not an oracle, I don’t know everything either, and I also need to work a lot for the notes I do have.

For our last exam I shared my entire outline which condensed 970 pages to 16 pages, in the form of a step-by-step recipe for how to solve cases depending on which specific area of law the case would cover, which verdicts are considered important for each area, their court number, and the most important paragraphs in the verdicts. Grades are not out yet so I cannot yet claim to have definitively cracked the code for that one, but at least I did work diligently. And I shared my outline for nothing in return.

How many times should you do that? Are two exams enough? Three? Does it depend on how close friends/colleagues you are? Is it even “okay” to feel miffed about such a request or should I just feel proud that she even asked?

In comparison, I had no qualms about sharing a lot of notes with a guy in my class who on his own accord offered to share an entire compendium of notes that he had been given by someone he knows – who happens to be the chief legal officer of a large corporation O.O – since he thought I might benefit from them as well.

I know two things, though: firstly, I won’t let the originals out of my sight so if I’m to give copies I will make them myself and give the copies. Secondly, it won’t be considered very kind to say no…


2 thoughts on “Final exam frustrations

  1. moly2tea

    I can kinda relate to you. Firstly I wouldn’t give the original notes but make copies myself as well. But when there’s a lot to copy I don’t think I would spare my time just for a person that I don’t think of as a friend or he/she constantly asks for notes (it might sound egoistic but well that’s the truth). The other story is when the person who wants notes offer you something in exchange like this guy You mentioned (it’s a good deal, you both profit from it). About saying no. It might be not kind but if you don’t feel right with sharing your copies with her then just don’t do it. Well that’s my point of view, I hope it helped You with your problems 🙂

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      Thanks for your thoughts 🙂 I think I will not give them… Someone whom I’ve barely spoken to for several months suddenly asks me for four months worth of notes, not even offering as much as a cup of coffee in return. It just doesn’t “feel right” as you say…


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