Learning log: week 2, 2014

Inspired by the recent encouragement to consider how many hours we put into Korean, I actually timed my grammar study last week. I studied about 2h and 15 min (not counting Korean singing in the shower :-D), which isn’t enough, but I’m satisfied since my exam prep has not gone as planned.

Last week was tough. As you know, I got a mail from a classmate wanting a whole semester worth of notes for our next exam (the day before another exam). It was an unpleasant experience since it was so clear she would not have contacted me at all had she not wanted my notes, and she blatantly ignored the fact that I had another exam to study for as well as my work. I hope this whole thing hasn’t affected my exam the following day too much because I wasn’t exactly zen the evening before and didn’t sleep as much as I should have. At first I decided to ignore the mail, but when she started texting to remind me to answer (and thanking me in advance for handing them over), I finally decided to just tell her I couldn’t give them and earned a snarky reply.

My last final is on Friday and I’m determined to do well and not be bothered. Even if I have to go into hiding in one of the bathrooms to avoid a nasty confrontation, so be it. It really shouldn’t be necessary considering that we really are to old for this stuff, but I simply won’t spare energy for a discussion about whether or not her understanding of the course is my responsibility in front of 100 people just before going into a 4 hour exam.

From Friday, I can finally study Korean at night instead of revising, and I even have a couple of hours after the exam to study Korean before meeting a friend 🙂 it’s looking bright 🙂


2 thoughts on “Learning log: week 2, 2014

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      Thanks 🙂 I hope it went well, I will know when the grade comes out.
      That was a really difficult mail to send! Even if it was just two lines saying it wasn’t possible and that our prof had offered to answer questions by mail.
      One of my (actual) friends suggested some stealthy approaches to sharing notes without actually doing so if you don’t think the receiver deserves them – I just decided to get it over with and not share at all. However, here are some tips muahaha:
      – forget to include crucial pages.
      – mix languages
      – scan a very small copy and zoom in until super pixelated before printing. Must be followed by “I have no idea what happened to the settings on my scanner, silly me!”.
      Somehow people get tired of reading something that is both blurry and mirrored 😉
      Joking aside, I hope you don’t get too stressed by such requests. I know they can really get me unglued sometimes.


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