Monthly Archives: February 2014

There is such a thing as “too many 만두”

Surely not when it comes to eating them, but today I made a stash for the freezer. It’s one of my very few days off and after two months of eating the same lunch at work, I thought I would make something for the freezer, something I can bring with me when not feeling like having my normal lunch. Cue 만두 binge.

I even made the 만두 skin! Some four hours ago it seemed like a brilliant idea to make a double portion ~ 600g of flour, two types of filling, and two ways of folding to be able to tell them apart. 4 hours later I’m downright tired of standing up, chopping veggies, mixing veggies, kneading dough, rolling out the wrappers, filling them, and finally folding them.

I ended up not having space for two of them in the freezer, so I decided to make alternative pot-stickers: first fry them until golden, and then steam them in madeira instead of water. Quite delicious.

Word of the day: 시원섭섭하다 ~ to feel relief and sorrow at the same time

Well, it’s all in the title.

It is a verb that helps you explain a very distinct emotion which would take several words to explain in many other languages.

One of my previous language partners used it in a kakaotalk conversation to describe the feeling after graduation; being happy, but also sad at the same time.

2 language exchange partners???

The matching has been completed! I’m pretty sure I ticked the “please only match me with one person” box, but I have been matched with two! I have managed to study Korean with TTMIK for about 1 hour daily this week, but I really need to stay on my toes with two partners.

It’s probably going to be a mouthful, but now that we have been matched I don’t want to let either of them down. For them it’s both about language exchange and getting an overall a good exchange semester abroad so I will do my best to learn a lot of Korean and also be a good host.

Tidbit from my life

These days all I do is work, read, and sleep. While I would love to have an extra hour or two per day, maybe I’m more up to speed than I thought. Or at least, I’m not as lost as some other students.

A girl sitting next to me in class was apparently not quite on top of the syllabus. Note this was not the first lecture:

Her: did you buy the books yet?
Me: yes
Her: how much did they cost?
Me: I don’t remember exactly, some £30 each or so
Her: is there a lot to read?
Me: it’s not too bad
Her: do we need to calculate a lot?
Me: sorry?
Her: I mean, do we have to do a lot of maths?
Me: I don’t think so… It’s corporate law…

I sure hope the other students are a bit more enthusiastic about the class or it will end up being the place brain cells go to die.

Preparing for a new semester

Hi guys! It’s been a while.

I have started my second job just two weeks ago, so now I have two jobs next to uni. That brings my work week to 34 hours in total next to my studies, and I still haven’t quite settled in yet at my second job so I’ve been immensely tired at night. I’m trying to get a head start on the semester so I won’t end up regretting working so much later on – although I’m already beginning to question why I signed up for this even though I am only studying at 50% this semester. Hopefully everything will look brighter at the end of this upcoming week and my study/work/life balance will be making more sense. I seriously hope so or I’m in for a loooong semester.

Today I’ve signed up for a new language partner, so that’s one more reason frontload my readings so I actually have time to meet this person once we get matched. I think we will be matched by the end of February so I have a few weeks to really get on top of things.

Wish me luck!