Tidbit from my life

These days all I do is work, read, and sleep. While I would love to have an extra hour or two per day, maybe I’m more up to speed than I thought. Or at least, I’m not as lost as some other students.

A girl sitting next to me in class was apparently not quite on top of the syllabus. Note this was not the first lecture:

Her: did you buy the books yet?
Me: yes
Her: how much did they cost?
Me: I don’t remember exactly, some £30 each or so
Her: is there a lot to read?
Me: it’s not too bad
Her: do we need to calculate a lot?
Me: sorry?
Her: I mean, do we have to do a lot of maths?
Me: I don’t think so… It’s corporate law…

I sure hope the other students are a bit more enthusiastic about the class or it will end up being the place brain cells go to die.


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