2 language exchange partners???

The matching has been completed! I’m pretty sure I ticked the “please only match me with one person” box, but I have been matched with two! I have managed to study Korean with TTMIK for about 1 hour daily this week, but I really need to stay on my toes with two partners.

It’s probably going to be a mouthful, but now that we have been matched I don’t want to let either of them down. For them it’s both about language exchange and getting an overall a good exchange semester abroad so I will do my best to learn a lot of Korean and also be a good host.


3 thoughts on “2 language exchange partners???

      1. Chantelle

        I don’t have a language partner now. I live in Korea and I don’t have the time, so… But, before my professors found them for me. I also found two through a cultural exchange cafe. Anyway, I hope everything goes well with yours. 🙂

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