There is such a thing as “too many 만두”

Surely not when it comes to eating them, but today I made a stash for the freezer. It’s one of my very few days off and after two months of eating the same lunch at work, I thought I would make something for the freezer, something I can bring with me when not feeling like having my normal lunch. Cue 만두 binge.

I even made the 만두 skin! Some four hours ago it seemed like a brilliant idea to make a double portion ~ 600g of flour, two types of filling, and two ways of folding to be able to tell them apart. 4 hours later I’m downright tired of standing up, chopping veggies, mixing veggies, kneading dough, rolling out the wrappers, filling them, and finally folding them.

I ended up not having space for two of them in the freezer, so I decided to make alternative pot-stickers: first fry them until golden, and then steam them in madeira instead of water. Quite delicious.


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