Different word, same sound

Today in language exchange we spent some time talking about verbs that sound similar either when conjugated or in their dictionary form. For instance:

낫다 (to recover from illness): 나아요
낳다 (to give birth): 낳아요
나다 (to be born, to hail from a specific place): 나요, “서울에서 나아요”

잃다 (to lose, to drop)
일다 (to rise)

It ended up in a discussion about conjugations and correct spelling vs. pronunciation, and my two language partners had to trawl through Naver and I found my iRiver dictionary before we finally reached a conclusion for some of the questions.

It’s a learning experience for all of us and it’s funny how you become so much more aware of the oddities of your own language when teaching it to others.


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