Word of the day: 방방곡곡 – throughout the length and breadth of the land

방방곡곡 ~ every nook and corner of the country
I just thought it was a great word!

You find it for instance in the very end of chapter 1 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone:
그는 물론 바로 이 순간, 방방곡곡에서 비밀리에 모여든 사람들이 술잔을 높이 쳐들고 장엄한 목소리로 “살아남은 아이, 해리 포터를 위해” 하며 축배를 들고 있다는 사실도 전혀 알지 못했다.
He was oblivious to the fact that in that very moment, people gathered in secret all over the country raised their glasses and solemnly drank a toast “to Harry Potter, the boy who lived”.

This is my own translation since my English Harry Potter books are currently in a storage, so please bear with any inaccuracies in my translation since I cannot check with the original.


4 thoughts on “Word of the day: 방방곡곡 – throughout the length and breadth of the land

  1. AdamO

    You’re doing better than I am! I’m still 5-6 pages away from the end of the first chapter. It’s slow going, but I feel like it’s really helpful. Reading in Korean takes 20-30 minutes per page, dictionary in hand, for me… and that’s with knowing exactly what it should say because I’ve read the books so much in English!

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      Harry Potter is my “still too difficult” book, the one I look at to see how much I have improved so I have to admit I have not read every word in the first chapter. Whenever I understand a bit more than last time, it feels like my progress becomes a bit more tangible. I think the first chapter is really hard because of the very accurate descriptions so well done for fighting through it!


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