Modern Korean – intermediate reader

Yesterday was a good Korean learning day. I have read the chapter on Seoul in Modern Korean – an Intermediate Reader and started doing the substitution drills.

Ok, so the actual text is only a page and a half while the rest is vocabulary, grammar, and exercises, but when I bought the book I was unable to read it without looking up every other word and grammar point so I sense improvement 🙂 it’s a really good book and I enjoy working with it so far.

What I like:
– you learn a lot about Korea when reading it so you both learn the language and about the country.
– key vocabulary is provided in a list at the end of the chapter.
– key grammatical structures are pointed out after the main text of the chapter
– grammar exercises are provided in various forms (the sample sentence is the one from the main text and then you work from that)
– translation exercises are provided incl. a clue for which grammatical structure should be used.
– if you work with others there are suggestions for dialogues and role plays you can practice together.
– based on the topic of the chapter, you are encouraged to write an essay/ think of answers to questions etc.

Side note:
Two days ago at work I even got to use Korean! Someone at work had to decipher some invoices in Korean and asked for my help to find out what line item was what. The first word she needed was 카드 which obviously isn’t a difficult word, but people who have no idea about 한글 get really impressed. Thankfully I had my dictionary with me for the other words!!!

Today I worked 10 hours so I’m a bit tired, but I will try to read a bit more tonight.


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