Weekend off!

Today is my first day off without a lot of plans since… Actually I cannot remember… February?
It was a bit angst provoking leaving work yesterday and realise that I have no work for a week! Tomorrow I will go on a long weekend with my mum for a crime book fair held in an old prison a couple of hours from where we live – we both have a thing for criminology (in a non-creepy way) and we can get our quota of that (minus the smell) plus some quality time together this weekend.

We booked tickets in the silent zone in the train so we can both enjoy our books on the way there and in the evenings we will just relax as well. I will bring my hanja book for sure, but I haven’t decided on which other book to bring.

Hmm… What to bring…


2 thoughts on “Weekend off!

  1. koreannotebook

    Oh wow so cool. I sort of have the same thing I love true crime, usually murders (in a non creepy way too :DD) have a whole shelf full of true crime biographies and books ^_^ hope you have a great time ~

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      Sorry about the much to late reply! It was really great 🙂
      Hehe, I find criminology exciting. Probably because you are thinking “what on earth drives these people?”. Actually, I’m going to take a course at open university in criminology and psychology in one. I hope it will be exciting 🙂


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