Wow, it’s been a while since my last update.

After coming home from the crime fair I have met my language partners twice.
The first time we played two games which are conceptually simple, but are still really challenging for me. The first was to see a word that one of my partners had written down and then explain it to my other partner without using the word and let her guess the correct one. Whenever you feel you have progressed in your studies this exercise is excellent to make you realise just how much your vocabulary is lacking.
Afterwards we played the 끝말잇기 game, which was… an uphill battle. So much to learn!

The second time I met just one of my partners since the other was trying to recuperate from a football match (seriously). We focused on trying to describe pictures. I did better than last time, but it was still difficult.

Right now I’m sitting in the university library with my Korean books while everybody around me is studying something business-y or idling away their time on facebook.

For anyone who wondered about the crime book fair:
It was great! I had the opportunity to hear interviews with a forensic pathologist, a former criminal behaviour psychologist specialised in serial killings and very violent crimes, a journalist who has sources in the criminal environment, and lastly Robert Goddard who was interviewed about his most recent book. Naturally there were plenty of opportunities to buy a few books to. I’m already going on the third since coming back home.

When crime books I tend to get a little caught up in them. E.g. reading about a murder investigation while waiting for a train I overheard the following part of a phone call “the only thing I can tell you about tomorrow is to bring wellingtons”, which made me wonder what the heck they were planning on the following day.


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