Academic news?

These days are a bit hectic. I do study Korean (reading my Korean intermediate reader seems a bit easier these days), but my upcoming final in June must take priority or I will regret it.

Last week has thrown me a bit off course, since I have “sort of” been offered to do a PhD. That is, I didn’t apply for one, but one of my professors has asked if I would find it interesting to participate in a specific research project as a PhD student. The project is really exciting so I immediately said yes. I have seen no official paper work, I haven’t signed anything, and the budget isn’t even confirmed, but two days ago, I saw that I’m listed by name in the application for the research grant, which literally made me feel a bit dizzy. It somehow makes it feel more final although there is no contract and no money yet. Hence the question mark in the title of this post.

I’m excited, but also a bit frightened to be honest since I haven’t had time to mentally adjust to the whole thing.

My study buddy’s comment was “you’ll end up being fairly well educated, huh?”. I guess that’s one way to put it hehe. Let’s see what happens…


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