Learning log

About a week ago I changed my phone settings to Korean. So far it has worked and I’m not experiencing problems with it. At a point I tried to save a picture my sister sent to me and had to look up what command it was asking for (something about configuration), and I also tried to sign up for a new wifi network, which caused a bit of problems. But other than that I haven’t had any Korean/tech difficulties. Yay!

As for language exchange, the semester is coming closer and closer to an end D-:
One of my language partners is leaving after next week, while the other will stay for another month.

Everybody else is practically jumping with joy whenever summer holidays or Christmas holidays are approaching whereas I’m thinking that it means that my language partner is going home!

The schedule for my exam has been published (4th of June – oral exam in a course integrating intellectual property law, competition law, and implications for innovation models – all in one 20 min exam including deliberation about the grade). I’m entering serious revision mode to be sure to know all the weird little details of the rules concerning patent pools and cross-licensing agreements and other geeky things to make sure I can answer both the legal and economic questions accurately and hopefully also add some remotely intelligent comments on some case law. The problem with such a big exam is that you really need to know it all really really well to avoid a “nail it or fail it” situation when you have less than 20 min to prove your worth.


4 thoughts on “Learning log

  1. jaemijamie

    화이팅 on that exam!!!! Also, great idea to change your phone’s language – I did that too and it helps me to absorb more Korean little by little 🙂

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      At first I wasn’t sure if I could manage, but you get used to it surprisingly quickly. The good thing is that it forces you to think in Korean every time you look at your phone – which can potentially add up to many times a day.


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