Summer holidays!

Tomorrow I can finally study Korean. Although it was difficult to not touch Korean at all for several weeks, it was necessary to be able to balance work and studies, and it turned out to be a good investment. My exam is finally over and it went really well so I couldn’t be happier right now. Since it was an oral exam I got the result straight away and was spared the usual waiting time after exams.

To have something nice to look forward to after the exams, I had arranged a cinema date with my mother since it’s been a while since we went to the cinema. I know there are a few Japanese students out there, and I can definitely recommend the Japanese movie “Like Father, Like Son” (the Danish translation goes “My Son’s Family” but I don’t know which is the better translation since my Japanese is limited to ‘hello’ and ‘yes’. The original is そして父になる).

Quick intro to the movie: two families find out their sons were switched at the hospital where they were born, which means they have been raising the wrong child for six years. What do you do once you find out something like that? Is it even possible to switch them back? It’s a very touching movie that provides food for thought concerning what exactly makes a family. Also, the boy portraying Keita is the most adorable child I have seen onscreen for a long time.

If you have time it’s definitely worth seeing.

Now I’ll be off to celebrate my exam with a glass of champagne – it seems that acing an exam in my father’s old field of work warranted a bottle waiting in the fridge for me to come home!


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