Listening comprehension

Yesterday I had a bit of an aha-experience. This past semester I have been a bit too busy, working two part-time jobs amounting to a full-time job timewise while studying. That means that most of my exposure to Korean has been through less-than-structured meetings my LPs (this semester has been a bit more spontaneous when it comes to choice of subjects, and we never agreed on one before our meetings), a TTMIK lesson here and there, the occasional Korean DVD and then music – aka I have not actually sat down and studied intently as I have done in previous semesters.

Here comes the kicker: yesterday I listened to a few of the 이야기 lessons from TTMIK and found myself laughing of their jokes. It surprised me that I could understand so much of it. Of course I cannot understand 100% and I wouldn’t be able to speak like that in a conversation myself, but my listening comprehension has improved tremendously!

However, I have a problem with my concentration span in Korean. After a while I sort of zoom out because I still cannot listen “effortlessly”.

In spite of still lacking a lot, maybe I haven’t been stalling as much as I thought!


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