Learning log: week 23 2014

This week I have finally put some hours into studying.
Status for this week is:

Reading/ speaking:
서강 2A: grammar-wise this doesn’t bring an aweful lot of new points, but I need to bring my speaking up to par and for that it serves its purpose.
In my language exchange, I read aloud from one of the readings, made an oral summary of the text in Korean, and answered my LPs questions – in Korean.

Impression: the text didn’t feel difficult and I could read it aloud fairly fluently (no stuttering). There was one word I asked to hear my LP pronounce, but otherwise, I felt it was going rather well. Let’s see if I can keep it up.


TTMIK 이야기: I listen, then read the script in Korean, then listen again while trying to follow along the script.


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