Learning log: in London

These days I’m visiting family in London (a bit earlier I could hear some pretty dedicated singing going on several streets away due to England playing Italy a bit later in the World Cup).

My Korean studies this week:

Speaking and reading:
I met my LP on Monday where we went over 이야기 No 1 from TTMIK. We read the entire pdf out loud, and I had to answer questions after each page. On a positive note, my LP told me that my reading is better than that of a Korean elementary school student. I take it as praise, but also as a marker of how much I still have to learn, so I will continue to practice a lot.

No new grammar points this week…

I have listened to several of the 이야기 from TTMIK. It’s really good practice since I get to hear new vocabulary, revise grammar patterns I already know, and basically just hear spoken Korean.
Also, I might have eavesdropped just a little bit on random Koreans’ conversations in London. It’s difficult not to if they are sitting right next to you in a café!

Nothing. It’s been a looong time since I’ve written any essays.


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