A semester full of language studies

The summer holidays are almost over, and a new semester will begin in just a few weeks. Including of – of course – Korean self-studying, but also Japanese and Italian classes. You’re probably wondering why Japanese and Italian. I signed up for Japanese because I was intrigued and a really good language school has started a new class taught by a Japanese, using Japanese and kana from the beginning so I signed up.

Then there is Italian. The short story: my mum signed me up to make sure there would be enough people in her class (level C1-C2). I started when I joined her class for a bit of wine and cheese at the end of the very last of their classes before the holidays. The conversation went along the lines of this:

One of her classmates: why doesn’t your daughter join?
Cue everybody in the room looking at me expectantly.
Mum: right!
My reply was to look perplexed.

Mum: you’re always waiting outside the class so you might as well join
Me: eeerh… I’m not sure, I haven’t spoken Italian for 4 years.
Mum: you’ll catch up quickly.
Me: but… But… my grammar! My vocabulary!
Mum: we’re not perfect either

As you can see, it was a losing battle. Two sets of books have arrived. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful language, and this year’s topic is really interesting, but I’m just a tiny bit spooked already. Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.


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