Korean Snack Series: 땅콩강정

A while ago I received a care package from my Korean friend 현. She sent me a box containing various snacks that she likes, thinking that it will probably be a while before I get to taste them in Korea.

I really appreciate it, and as I’m munching away on one of the snacks, I will write a short review for those of you out there who might not have the opportunity to go to Korea for a while to come.

First snack review: 땅콩강정!

Peanuts and glutinous rice, a winning combination!

Peanuts and glutinous rice, a winning combination!

It is a snack based on peanuts and glutinous rice, and I really like them! they are nutty (yes, I have a keen eye for the obvious) and a bit sweet, but in a balanced way. They are not overwhelmingly sweet. They are quite crispy, and there is no way you will be able to eat this in a stealthy way. If you are not the sharing type or you find these are too good to share, you should be careful where you eat them!

As you can see from the picture they seem quite light and porous so if bringing them along in a bag, be careful where you put them. Calorie-wise they are quite dense, but then again – it’s a snack!

I’m normally the snacking type, but these are good!


6 thoughts on “Korean Snack Series: 땅콩강정

  1. koreannotebook

    I like the idea of a crunchy nutty snack, but the idea of rice in it makes me not want to way it. ㅠㅠ I don’t eat and probably never will eat rice. But I’m glad you’re enjoying them :)) you have such amazing freinds xD

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      They don’t taste like rice at all. I think it’s popped rice that gives the light, crunchy texture, but it’s not “ricy”. If I hadn’t read it, I would never have guessed it. If you have the opportunity, I would recommend trying at least one 🙂 yes, it was really sweet of her to send them 🙂

  2. 혜영

    님의 땅콩강정 포스팅보고나서 저도 어제 사다 먹었는데 오랜만에 먹으니 정말 맛있더라구요! ㅋㅋ
    그런데 예전에 비해 양이 엄청 줄었고 크기는 작아진 반면 가격은 올라서 완전 캐안습이였어요 ㅜㅜ

      1. 혜영

        ㅋㅋㅋ 그건 아닙니다! 땅콩강정이 확실히 작아진겁니다!! 제가 쭉~~ 먹어봐서 잘 알거든요 ^^

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