Learning log

I’ve gotten into the habit of walking rather than biking as part of my commute again although technically I can bike again this week, since I’ve healed completely. However, walking implies listening to an aweful lot of podcasts, so walking is good for my studies.

It’s nice being back in the drill of studying Korean daily, so what do I do?

Listening and grammar:
Every day I listen to TTMIK podcasts. I’m working on level 6.

I’ve been stuck in uni readings for the past two weeks…

Text messages and kakaotalk. It adds up! However, no essays so far.

Korean / Japanese confusion:

As for Japanese, I’m slowly getting the hang of hiragana, but haven’t started katakana. Our teacher also shows us the kanji when relevant, but doesn’t expect us to remember them yet. However, since I’ve already seen the ones she has introduced so far in the course of my Korean studies, I tend to associate them with the Korean pronunciation I know already!

年? Definitely pronunced 연/년…. In Korean obviously… In Japanese? I’ve heard it, seen it written in hiragana, but don’t remember in this very moment.

Reading out Chinese characters in Korean while in a Japanese class somehow doesn’t seem ideal. Hopefully it will sort itself out when I get better at Japanese.


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