Pheeew, new language partner found!

It turns out that the language exchange program at my business school has suffered a slow and very silent death. So silent that nobody replied to my mails to the admin asking if I had missed the sign-up period, although the messages have been read!
Fortunately I have found someone through a Korean student association facebook page.

It was quite impressive how many replies I got after posting, and I’m happy to say I have been matched. I’ll meet my new LP for the first time tomorrow where we will also go for a round of 치맥 (better known as 치킨 + 맥주).

She replied to my message in Danish, and we have been texting since in a mix of Korean and Danish. I’m quite intrigued by her level to be honest. I wonder how long she has been studying, because she’s got some solid conversational skills judging by her text messages. I guess I will find out tomorrow afternoon.

I will also meet another Korean student on lunch basis. We have both found LPs, but given that we are on campus on some of the same days, we might as well socialise over some food and languages 🙂 it’s quite rare to find other MSc students among the Korean exchange students here so maybe I can get some insights into Korean grad school as well this semester.

Suddenly my Korean development plans look a lot more achievable.


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