Monthly Archives: October 2014

Speaking contest?

Two days ago my language partner suggested that I sign up for the speaking contest arranged by the Korean embassy. I was spooked. Speaking is my biggest weakness and 3-5 minutes might not seem like a long time, but I’m pretty sure it will feel like an awfully long time if you forget what you were planning to say while looking at those in the audience who study Korean at university and/or who’ve been to Korea several times.

On the one hand it would be really exciting to participate. On the other, I cannot help but think how much I’m lacking. I wonder how it works. Do they ask questions at the end or do you “just” have to speak?

It’s a requirement that you state how long you have been studying when signing up for the competition. Surely I started studying Korean 2 years and a couple of months ago, but I haven’t “studied” for two years. The number of hours I spent at work so far and at uni during 2014 would explain a lot. Even some of my work superiors regularly mistake me for a a full-time employee.

Yesterday I was so certain that I definitely wouldn’t do it. Now, I catch myself toying with the thought of actually going. How did that happen???

Maybe because it’s my weakest point I should go? As a friend put it, “worst case scenario is that you don’t do well… It’s not like they are going to take away your birthday. And maybe you meet people and learn something from them”.

I still have a while to decide. What do you think? When is one “ready” to speak in a contest? I don’t feel ready.