Foreigners speaking Korean

Yesterday I met up with my language partner for another lunch/coffee/speaking about anything that comes to mind meeting. The funny thing is that although I grew up in Copenhagen she’s been introducing me to a part of the city where I have been just a few times before and don’t know at all.

Over coffee she showed me some youtube videos of the programme 비정상외담.
Some of you might already be familiar with them, but I only just came across them. If you don’t know them already, make sure to check them out.

The concept is that a group of foreigners from various countries talk about all sorts of things with the Korean hosts – in Korean. Each video is just a few minutes long, but rather entertaining, which makes it easier to watch one whenever you have time such as over breakfast or if you have internet access while commuting.

I’ll have to be honest; I struggle a bit, but it’s a really good exercise. First we watched a video in full, and then again cut-by-cut where she made sure I understood what was going on and she explained puns and new words.

New expressions count:

바람피우다 (shortened to 불륜): used to describe someone who is unfaithful – one who’s romantic loyalty changes everytime the direction of the wind changes.


4 thoughts on “Foreigners speaking Korean

  1. nweymiens

    My boyfriend absolutely loves this show. I cannot tell you how often each week I catch him watching it. Of course, I am certainly not at a point where I can understand their conversations at all. I was surprised when he told me there was actually a guy from Belgium on the panel, even though he told me he said some very untrue things about Belgium such as Dutch not being an important language in Belgium. (60% of Belgium is a native Dutch speaker)

    While it will help me get used to Korean pronunciation, I really do not enjoy talk shows such as this one. Perhaps I am just way too series who knows.

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      Thanks for your comment 🙂
      Hahaha, you “catch him watching it” 😀

      I think you’re right that having a critical mindset is important. You might notice the things that are blatantly wrong about your own country, but you might not catch them for countries you are less familiar with.

      I wouldn’t watch such a show in Danish (or English), but the format works from a learner’s perspective. Some of the conversations are at least interesting (e.g. a British guy who read a newspaper article about Mount Everest with his highschool friends and they decided to go there – they actually did! Then he tells about how long time he spent travelling, how it was funded and so on). I think the use of captions is quite interesting. It would never happen on Danish TV, but they allow you to pause the show and look up the words you don’t know. Since they always refer to a person’s reaction it can be quite useful.

      If you are looking for something to watch, 오만과 편견 (English title: Pride and Prejudice) might be something for you? It’s about a specific division in the state attorney’s offices. So far only 4 episodes have aired, but I think it’s done well. I wouldn’t know anything about legal procedures in Korea, but the cases seem logical enough and they help the underlying plot forward since the viewer learns about the main characters through the way they handle the cases.

  2. Rob Oakley

    The name of this show is quite interesting

    정상회담 means Summit and the shows set looks like an international summit and the “Foreigner” guests are all from different countries; Turkey, UK, USA, Australia, Africa – these guys have reached a celebrity status in Korea… because of their language ability.

    The title of the show is a play on words adding 비 to the front, this is not a real word, but it makes the title mean “Normal persons summit’ or ‘abnormal summit’


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