Sunday status

I’m not sure how this post suddenly disappeared from the blog, so here is a re-post… How odd…


This weekend, I’m visiting family in London, but I’ve been studying some Korean too.

Writing and speaking
I met with my language partner the day before flying to London. We spoke a lot of Danish, but also some Korean. I’d like to think it went marginally better than the week before, but I still have such a long way to go.

I’ve agreed with my language partner that for every week, I have to prepare a small speech to get used to it. It allows me to work through vocabulary at home as well as get used to speaking more.
I spent the flight to London working on next week’s assignment, which was apparently very fascinating for the guy sitting next to me. At some point I started wondering if he understood Korean.

Listening and drama
For those looking for a new drama to watch (and listen to), I can definitely recommend Pride and Prejudice (오만과 편견). I try to catch the raw versions to practice my listening ability, but watching with subtitles is a lot more enjoyable.

Anecdote of the week:
It seems that Gangnam Style has caught on among todlers in London as well. At least my two-year old nephew has managed to sing “sexy ladyyyyy” as a reply to my brother’s “eeeeeeeh!”. After that my brother tried to shield him bit to avoid future embarrassment on the playground. For two days I’ve tried to get him to say it, but so far he only gives me a “what the…?!” look. Yes, I’m doing my best to play the part of the disreputable aunt.

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