Sunday Status D-321

Wow, this has been a quite eventful week from a Korean learning perspective.

Well, I think I can safely say I have spoken Korean this week.
On Monday I had lunch with a Korean friend, and I read my speech out loud for her. That was really good practice since until Friday the number of people who had actually heard me speak Korean amounted to fewer than 10. It was really reassuring that she didn’t have problems understanding what I was saying.
On Thursday I was invited to my very first Thanksgiving dinner at my LP’s flat, and while she was cooking I also went over the speech a few times just to say it out loud.

Writing and grammar
When going over the speech I made some alterations here and there during the week. I also managed to catch up bit over Kakaotalk with a friend who’s currently out of town. The funny thing is that he’s not even Korean either. However, he told me that I have improved a lot since he left for the summer holidays and thesis writing.
This week I didn’t go over any new grammar points. Instead I tried to focus on just using what I already know fairly well.

Listening and vocabulary
Of course I listened to the other contestants’ speeches at the event on Friday. I understood some of them more than others…
On top of that I’ve spent somewhere between 3.5 hours and 4 hours this week watching just two episodes of 오만과 편견 raw (excluding the time I spent on watching the subtitled versions later). I’ve added quite a few words to my word cards, and I actually recognise many of them when I hear them again later on.

Next week I’ll have to study a lot of verdicts for one of my courses and read up on some articles for another, but I will make sure to fit in a few new grammar points as well.



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