Sunday Status D-314

This past week, I’ve been working my way back into my usual routine.

Writing and grammar
I didn’t write anything for this week, but next week I’ve agreed on a writing challenge with my LP. I cannot say much more about it at this point in time, though 😉

As usual, I watched 오만과 편견 raw and then with subtitles later on. However, I’ve been feeling more tired when watching it this week than usual wherefore I’ve looked up fewer words.

Given how much focus Korean has had for the past two weeks, we focused on Danish this week with special attention given to pronunciation.
Next week we will continue working with pronunciation for both Korean and Danish. Danish is spoken a bit further down the throat than e.g. English which seems to be an obstacle when it comes to getting rid of a foreign accent in Danish. The fact that this is even one of the primary concerns for my LP shows how far she has come. As for my Korean, I will work on sounding a little less like a news anchor…

I’ve been meaning to wrap up and post the book review, but the weather has been so dreary lately that I’m not happy with the lighting in the pictures. As soon as I catch a glimpse of sun light, I will be ready with my camera and finish it 🙂

Soon it will be time to make goals for 2015. are you already thinking of some? For me TOPIK II is the overarching goal for the year (until October at least), but I will have to divide it into some slightly more concrete tasks. 열공!

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