Sunday Status D-300

Three hundred days left until TOPIK 2! Time flies. This past week has been focused on preparing for Christmas, but I have managed to review a bit.

This week I did’t watch any raw versions of 오만과 편견 due to time constraints, but I did watch the subtitled versions. I came across yet another word for resignation: 사직서. How many variations can there possibly be???

Reading and writing
I wrote a few text messages in Korean, but it’s been limited.

This week was less than ideal from a speaking perspective. I’m not entirely sure why… maybe because my Korean studies have been so limited? maybe because my attention has been spread a little too thin and I’ve been sleep deprived?

On a positive note, it seems that my father will be discharged from hospital in time to be home for Christmas. We’re still waiting for the final OK, though. Fingers crossed!

This week I also received the date for the first of my upcoming exams: 8th of January. It will be a 20 min oral exam without any preparation time. I’ve known the format all along, but now I also know the exact date.


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