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Korean internship?
These days I’m preparing applications for internships. In Korea! I figured that if I don’t take the plunge now and try, when will I get such an opportunity again? Internships are a great opportunity to try living there for a specified amount of time while learning something I can use in my career in the future regardless of the location. If I wait for an opportunity to be expatriated for a company, it will be a much bigger commitment so it’s probably better to start on a smaller scale and see if I enjoy daily life over there or not.

Applying abroad is both exciting and a bit of a hassle no matter where you go. Seeing new places and studying/working in new environments is really exciting, but the process of getting there isn’t terribly inspiring in itself. Translating grades from two separate grading systems (that both defy logic) to a third system I have no knowledge of whatsoever is one of the challenges I’m facing these days. Let alone navigating different types of Korean CV templates.

Furthermore I have to sit a proficiency test in English. Since my GMAT score is 5 years old it’s 1) obviously not issued less than 2 years ago as some companies require, and 2) actually it expired overall just a few weeks ago. The fact that both my BSc and first MSc were both taught in English doesn’t count since my diplomas are not from countries that have English as a first language.

Let’s see what happens. If they want to hire me, it will be a great opportunity, and if I don’t try, it will definitely never happen.

Do you have any recommendations? Things I need to be aware of?

Korean studies:
There are now 232 days until TOPIK, and I’m waiting for my new TOPIK books from TwoChois. I ordered two different books: One about the general format of the new exam, and one specifically about the intermediate level. Although I’ve been absent from the blog, I have been studying. That being said, these days I fear for how I will do at the exam. Maybe that’s the push I need to really improve, though.

I try to read widely, look up as many new words and grammatical structures as I can while reading or watching TV interviews/dramas in the little free time I have. The only problem is getting all of them to stick. Every day I listen to music and try to construct sentences in my mind while doing the dishes or some other task that doesn’t require much mental presence. I watch 사극 whenever I can find the time just for pure enjoyment because I like the genre, but I try to be really careful about not getting too fond of grammatical structures that don’t belong in modern Korean conversations. It would probably cause a stare or two if suddenly saying “말해보거라” to a language partner…  In a conversation about old-fashioned language, my current LP once said that she sometimes teases her cousin by replying 예 마마 to requests/questions but other than such situations, “sageuk speak” has fairly limited use these days.

If anyone is in for a 사극 marathon, though, I can definitely recommend 기황후! One of my friends decided to never even see the final episode – that way she could pretend it never ended 😉