Language café and mid-week status (D-227)

Yesterday I went to the first language café of 2015 to meet other students who are interested in learning languages. There was no Korean flag there so it ended up being a bit difficult to find out exactly how many Koreans were hiding in the crowd. One of my friends, whom I met through a former LP whose friend used to be the LP of my now friend, went as well so we managed to socialise a bit, which can otherwise be difficult to schedule (we are not in the same study programme). I even spoke a bit of Korean while there, and it wasn’t too anxiety provoking.

I got home by midnight, but couldn’t sleep until some time between 2:30 and 3:00am. That will teach me not to drink coffee that late!

Although it’s only Wednesday, it appears to be a “good Korean week” already. I have managed to speak a bit of Korean (emphasis on bit, though) both Monday and Tuesday, revised 10 TTMIK podcasts (in level 6), and read an interview with 하지원. That’s pretty decent, I think!

This week I will focus on articles and interviews related to movies, dramas, and not least theatre. I’m still considering which topic to pick for next week. Well, there are a few days left to decide and I might extend this topic into next week if necessary.

My new TOPIK books have been shipped from TwoChois so they should be here in a few days. I’m slowly structuring a new TOPIK study plan, but a few details are still a bit fuzzy. Things should be settled some time next week, though. I’ll keep you posted!


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