Learning Log (D-221)

Last week I have studied quite a bit – even on days where I came home from work at 22:15 to end things on a calm note. Here is an overview, including links to articles I have read – in case you are interested too.

Reading theme of the week: movies, dramas, theatre

Reading articles is a way to expand my vocabulary related to specific themes. I have decided to focus on one theme at the time to help me recognise and remember the theme specific vocabulary from article to article. Basically this week’s theme can help me in conversations about (obviously) movies, dramas, and theatre, but also hobbies (I basically grew up in a theatre), and general interests. 

Movie: Interview with 하지원 about Chronicles of a Blood Merchant http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2015/01/23/2015012302079.html

Drama: Interview with 지창욱 about Empress Ki http://enews.imbc.com/News/RetrieveNewsInfo/82803

Musical: Interview with 바다 about the musical Gone with the Wind. I still have not finished this one, but from a vocabulary perspective it seems quite good since it covers some fairly traditional questions, but her answers also include some of the technicalities about being required to be true to the original, and being bound by licensing agreements for the work. http://sbsfune.sbs.co.kr/news/news_content.jsp?article_id=E10006230043

Please note the formality levels in the interviews. The formality level that is seen in writing will not match the one that was actually spoken, but be shortened to save space in newspapers and on websites. Also beware that some journalists are better than others at distinguishing between written language and spoken language when typing out interviews (e.g. writing 의 when grammatically correct even if the interviewee pronounces it 에).

Before moving on to the next theme, I will find some articles about ballet and opera to cover those topics as well.


I’ve listened to TTMIK grammar lessons and music.


I spoke a bit of Korean at the language café on Tuesday and I have read out loud as well. I’ve been told that when reading out loud from a text, which I find difficult I tend to pronounce things in dialect… Mostly Northern 경상, but there is a bit of variation depending on the words. I have NO idea where that comes from, but I think it’s funny. 

Japansese update:

All of a sudden the pace of our class really picked up. We got a kanji book as a supplement to our regular book. Thankfully I already know the kanji for next week since I know them from Korean, but I still have to remember how pronounce them in Japanese. Each week we start with a dictation (starting next week also a kanji test) and then we move on to revising last week’s grammar + introducing new grammar. I can read and write hiragana quite well, but my katakana writing skills are downright pathetic. I can read them, though. Worst American name ever to write: ジョンソン. Getting the angles right without a cheat sheet… 왜~~~??!

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