Learning log (D-217)


This week I didn’t manage to read as much as last week. I have been reading a bit more of the musical interview, but still haven’t finished it yet (shame on me…). 

One new grammar point for me, though, was the nominal form -음. It functions like -기 in that it transforms a verb into a noun, but it is mostly seen in writing or in formal speech. In informal speech, the -은/는 것 form will be used more frequently. If attached to a verb stem that ends in a vowel, it is shortened to -ㅁ.


I downloaded a few episodes of 두시탈출 컬투쇼, a radio programme on SBS, and listened to it while walking/taking the train to uni. I still have a long way to go before I understand every word, but I do get the gist of their conversations 🙂


I spoke a bit of Korean with one of my LPs and read aloud in Korean to the Korean I’m helping with Danish. I need to work more on liaisons and on double consonants – a recurring theme it seems.


E-mail correspondence with my LP. 


This was also the week where I met someone who has been reading this blog. That has only happened once before, as far as I know, but this meeting was actually planned. Last time it happened was at the TOPIK exam, which was totally unexpected. 

By the way, happy White Day everyone! I hope you have a great one whether or not you actually celebrate it 🙂


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