Korean clothes order

I’ve done the unthinkable: I’ve ordered two “one size” blouses from two different Korean brands. Before you think that I must have lost it completely, the measurements were listed and they should fit so I hope they do in real life too. I know already that one of them will be a little snug, but it’s supposed to have a very marked waistline, so I’ll just make sure not to wear it on a day where I know I have a big steak dinner in sight… Very practical, right? Finally there is a very concrete benefit associated with being the smallest one in my family!
Besides the blouses, I ordered a jacket, which I think looks quite elegant so I cannot wait for the package to arrive 🙂

4 thoughts on “Korean clothes order

  1. 소희

    Yay, Korean fashion is sooooo elegant. I had to buy a whole new suitcase when I was in Seoul, as there simply wasn’t enough room in the one I brought. I’m sure everything will fit you perfectly! Out of curiosity, where did you buy it all?

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      I don’t blame you!!! I would probably do the same 😉
      I bought them from yesstyle.com
      Recently I bought a skirt which fits really well so now I figured I would order some more things 🙂 They are so elegant and it’s so difficult to find something like it in Denmark – although my Korean friends tell me it’s so very Danish of me to order the black versions hahaha


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