Time, time, time!!!

These days I’m struggling to get to do everything I have to and then fit in everything I want to.

Example: Wednesday I woke up at 4:50, listened to a few 이야기 on my commute, worked from 7:45-16:00, revised a bit before my Japanese class 17:15-19:00. Then I went home to have dinner at 20:30 after which I studied for my law class next morning until 23. By then I had to give up. Thankfully not all of my days are like that and yesterday I got to tip the scale a bit in favour of doing-fun-stuff.

Thursday was a bit more calm with “only” a four hour lecture and then language exchange. Yesterday’s meeting wasn’t the most focused one we’ve ever had, but we had a blast and ended the day by going to see the movie 아저씨 together at the Korean movie club at Copenhagen University, which is such a GREAT initiative. I really liked the movie, although I won’t recommend watching it “for language learning” considering the frequency of the word 씨발 – unless of course you normally hang out with gangster types and think that watching Korean movies is the best way to crack the code to what your 형님 is saying… Squeamish people should stay faaar faaar away from this movie unless they want to lose sleep. The guys in the movie are not exactly gentle, sensitive souls who solve problems by trying to reach consensus over a cuppa. Luckily the movie wasn’t completely devoid of humor or I’m not sure I would have enjoyed it as much.


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