Learning Log D-201

Today I met one of my LPs for a very productive meeting. As usual I had plenty of opportunities to live out my propensity to speak in 경상도 dialect by leaving out liaisons in strategic places, but overall it went well. Being a former student at 이화여자대학교, she has brought the very first edition of the 이화 books for our reading sessions. Even though we are reading aloud from a lower intermediate book to work on flow there is a lot of vocabulary which is completely new to me and therefore not all sections flow easily. E.g. today we read about the old time indications based on the zodiac (자시, 축시, 인시, 묘시, 진시, 사시, 오시, 미시, 신시, 유시, 술시, 해시) and I have to admit that I struggled, but I try to keep in mind it’s good practice.

Reading and speaking:

We alternated methods for two different readings. For the first one she would read a sentence and then I would shadow. For the other I had to read the entire part first, then she read all of it it, and then I read it once more with corrections. 

Pronunciation practice and writing home work for next time:

While I have been told that my pronunciation is very clear, my flow (still…) needs a lot of improvement. My language partner says this is a problem that is much easier to fix than the reverse where people may have a certain flow, but the individual words are really difficult to understand. To practice both pronunciation and flow, we filmed each other’s mouths while reading specific sections in our respective languages. She needed vowel practice in Danish and filmed me pronouncing specific words as well as reading one of the short stories from her book about Danish pronunciation. Afterwards I filmed her reading a section about food which didn’t come naturally to me in natural speed. For next time I have to practice the zodiac reading again and prepare an essay about the different superstitions about personalities and zodiacs to get writing practice. 

Today’s words and expressions:

술안주/ 안주 (按酒): These are the side dishes you eat while having a drink. 술 can be left out of the word since it’s implied in 안주 that it’s the kind of food you have with a drink. That makes it different from 반찬.

호박에 줄 긋는다고 수박 되냐 Drawing lines on a pumpkin will not make it into a watermelon. 

This is something that can be said about appearance, and while it is not a particularly nice thing to say about anyone, the expression is good to know. I guess it’s not much different from when I overheard some teenage boys on a train once and one of them made the analogy between lottery tickets (the ones where you have to scrape off a silvery type of foil) and girls who wear lots of make-up: you won’t know if you have been truly lucky until you remove the top layer… Oh the things you can overhear on trains while pretending to mind your own business… The Koreans have just made it into a concrete saying.


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