Learning Log D-195

This week we hit the D-200 mark so I’m beginning to become a little anxious about how little time I have and how much I still have to do. Next week is going to be a real challenge so I might have some late days in order to keep up. Next week I will have 2x LP meetings, Japanese class, Italian class, one full work day and then of course my uni courses so let’s see how I manage it all. Anyway, on to the learning log:

Speaking and reading:
LP meeting: As mentioned earlier this week, I met one of my LPs and we practiced reading aloud. I’ve also looked at TTMIK news articles.

Saying that the essay is going well would be a bit of a lie. When I sat down to do it, I just couldn’t focus so I opted for some grammar instead. I did study a lot of grammar, though.

Sogang: I revised quite a bit by breezing through the grammar I already know and working more on things that didn’t seem to stick so well. The Sogang books worked well for me as preparation for the first TOPIK so I’ve picked up my Sogang books this week. That being said, I supplement with other materials such as TTMIK articles, readings from 이화 and other interesting stuff just to get a more all-round exposure to materials.

Music: among others Girls’ Generation’s Gee. I’m not sure whether that was a good idea, though. Once you hear it you just cannot unhear it! One morning this week I seriously woke up thinking 너무 반짝반짝 눈이 부셔 no no no no no! 너무 깜짝깜짝 놀란 나는 oh oh oh oh oh!

What can I say, I was warned against that song, and listening to the Japanese version doesn’t cancel out the Korean version in my brain. I tried… It’s still there…

Since it’s Easter holidays, I have started re-watching 기황후 and being the geek I am, I actually take notes when I come across a new “good word”.

Happy Easter everyone! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Learning Log D-195

  1. 소희

    Hahaha!!! Yes, I did warn you about that song 🙂

    And in my opinion it’s always a good idea to rewatch dramas. There are definitely also dramas with 송승헌 that I’ve watched more than once 🙂 There is also the added bonus of realizing how much more you understand when watching a drama the second time.
    And no Korean learners should ever watch K-dramas without a notebook within reach. So many linguistic gems hidden amidst all the entertainment should not be missed 🙂

    Happy Easter! 🙂

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      I didn’t expect it to be that catchy before pressing the play button, and now I pay for it 😀

      Yes, re-watching dramas is always great 🙂 When I watched 너의 목소리가 들려 I eventually restarted and started noting down legal concepts and definitions. I didn’t make it all the way through it with notes, though.

      This time I’m watching 기황후 with my mum, which I think also forces me to think more about the language since I know she will ask me about some things as we watch it. She insisted that we watch it together after she saw a scene from it, although I wouldn’t otherwise have thought it was her genre. I’m amazed how she picked up on the difference between 사극 speak and modern language during the 30 seconds she was watching that scene that got her interested in the drama in spite of not speaking any Korean. It wasn’t even a “please kill us your Royal Highness!” scene that is rather distinctive for 사극.
      I won’t complain about watching it again, though 😉

  2. robwoakley

    even just reading… 너무 반짝반짝 눈이 부셔 no no no no no! 너무 깜짝깜짝 놀란 나는 oh oh oh oh oh! … has got that song stuck in my head lol


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