Korean sheet mask shopping

If you had asked me a few years ago whether I wanted to try a snail mask, I’m fairly certain I would have declined politely – while privately thinking you had gone completely bonkers. Well, I joined the “dark side”. Here are my newly purchased sheet masks.

The three types I bought

The three types I bought

I opted for three different types; one known and two new.

Ever wanted as hydrated skin as a snail? This may be for you

Ever wanted skin as hydrated as that of a snail? This may be for you then.

Since I haven’t tried these yet, I don’t really know what to expect – how greasy or “slippery” it will feel when applied and so on. There are only 5 in a pack, but so far it doesn’t seem my family will be competing for testers. Snail mucin is supposed to be both very hydrating and promote healing of e.g. the discolorations that can be left from acne (disclaimer: deep acne scars are a different league entirely so don’t expect this to be a cure-all thing). I became interested in these masks after my skin had a bad bad phase, but thankfully I don’t have deep scars, just a few marks as souvenirs. Of course snail mask or no snail mask, SPF is not to be neglected since if cared for properly + protected from the sun, the marks may disappear completely with time.

These ones are pricey, but so nice!

These ones are pricey, but so nice!

These ones are expensive (as in 90-odd USD for a pack of 10), but I have good experiences with them. My sister-in-law went to Seoul on a business trip a while ago, and bought a pack in the airport on the way back. She gave me three to try when she came back, and I really liked them. It makes the skin feel so soft and smooth, and calms redness if your skin has been acting out. When I found out they had them on yesstyle.com I decided to just go for it after thinking it over for a while because of the price. I have been looking for them for a long time…

I've wanted to try some ginseng products for a long time

I’ve wanted to try some ginseng products for a long time

Well, it’s in the caption. Ginseng is supposed to be great for skin so I look forward to trying this one too.

After trying those first three Sulwhasoo masks I’m a sheet mask convert. It’s a great way to pamper your skin as well as relax a little. I have made some home made sheet masks since those three I got as a gift, but I’m not going to experiment with trying to produce cosmetic grade filtrated snail mucin at home any time soon. For basic masks you can easily concoct something in your kitchen, but for more intriguing ingredients that’s just not an option. Thankfully many sheet masks are reasonably priced – assuming you don’t use them daily.

Do you use sheet masks? Which ones are your favorites?


2 thoughts on “Korean sheet mask shopping

  1. 소희

    I LOVE Korean sheet masks! I bought a bunch of them when I was in Seoul – I literally went on a huge shopping spree in Myeongdong. I’m currently using Skin79, Innisfree, and Etude House. I’ve been eyeing Sulwhasoo for a while but the price tag has been keeping me off. I may just have to splurge next time I order Korean cosmetics, though. I’m also a big fan of Korean bb-creams (currently using the pink one from Skin79). It moisturizes and provides SPF without giving the impression that you are “wearing” anything. It just evens out complexion and tones down any redness. I’m officially sold on Korean skincare and I’m never ever again going back to Danish drugstore products. 🙂 A nice bonus feature about sheet masks that I really happen to like is the fact that they are packed individually, which I find really hygienic.

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      The price of Sulwhasoo also kept me agonising for a while before I decided to just go for it. If I hadn’t tried it beforehand I probably wouldn’t have bought it randomly, but they will last me a while since I won’t be using one of them every day. That one maybe once a week and then alternating with the other ones in between. I heard good things about Innisfree so I will get some of those next time 🙂

      I like the idea of BB cream because it does more than just cover, but I never managed to find a colour that matches my complexion – they are all too dark for me. After scouring through both Copenhagen and London I just gave up. Instead I have a relatively comprehensive skincare regime since my skin used to be problematic.
      Normally I just wear a bit of concealer on strategic places (such as panda eyes and potential redness) and then touch up with some pressed powder. If my skin is really protesting, I put on a bit of green concealer before my normal one to even out the redness.


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