Bird of the day or word of the day? Spelling really matters

In order to learn a new word, I need to see it written down for it to really stick. Yesterday while watching an episode of 기황후 I noted down what court lady Soh said when assuring the empress that she thought the candidates for the consort selection were ugly. Or at least I thought I did. Going through my list afterwards and looking up, I realised something was… a little off.

Here is what I thought I heard: 박새

What she really said: 박색

That little 기역 is the difference between a titmouse (a small bird) and an ugly face. Because of the context in which I heard the word, I have to admit I wondered for a short moment whether titmouse was only an animal or also a profanity. Typing it into Naver’s dictionary, however, I could see similar searches and realised I needed just one more letter. Oops…


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