Learning Log D-164

These days are just flying by. D-164. 164??? How did that happen??! This week is the final week of lectures for two of my courses and then I have to revise for my exams. So far it seems to work out, but I have to admit it’s a bit much since especially these two courses are super heavy on the readings. Literally… One of the books even caused a bruise on my back a while ago because I brought that + my law collection with me several days in a row.

Anyway, back to Korean: My vocabulary book is slowly expanding, but I try to not just add words indiscriminately. I have started adding words from other sources too so I colour code to be able to tell them apart. Just writing in different colours helps me remember where I heard the word, which in turn helps me remember; Black ink is for drama words, blue ink is for words from my books, and green ink is for words I learned from texting/mailing/talking to people. Just knowing that a word is from a drama, I can pinpoint more or less the specific drama scene I learned a specific word if it’s not a recurring one. It sounds a bit crazy, but that’s how it works for me. I bring my vocabulary book pretty much everywhere since it’s very thin, and I try to look over the words while on the train if I’m not doing kanji practice for my Japanese class. Whenever I learn a new Japanese word or grammar point I also try to think of the Korean equivalent – I just cannot help it!

Over the past week I’ve had some moments where I learned a new word and then suddenly realised it shared a hanja component with another word I already knew. E.g. the new word 표시 (mark, sign) shares the hanja for 표 with the word 대표 (representative) which I already knew from another drama. I suddenly remembered 대표 and wondered if they had something in common and my hunch turned out to be right. Now I just seem to connect the two even if I cannot remember the specific strokes for the hanja… I guess I will have a lot more of those moments as I learn more kanji for Japanese and that way get to know the underlying hanja for Korean words I already know.

Tomorrow one of my language partners will test my vocabulary and my understanding of the first three grammar points of my TOPIK grammar book before we move on to speaking. I hope things stick as much as I think they do.

I hope all of you who got TOPIK scores today did well! 🙂


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