Remembering vocabulary

Yesterday I met one of my language partners for a quick study session before I headed off to Korean Movie Night at Copenhagen University and she had to return to her exam revision. We didn’t have time for much, but she tested my vocabulary retention from my new vocabulary book. I remembered the words from 기황후 much more easily than those from my text books. Also, I had to write them on the whiteboard to make sure I could also spell them (yay, not even one mistake!). Maybe I should just watch more dramas, but make sure to fit in some modern ones so I don’t end up with a vocabulary consisting of the likes of 혈서, 후궁, and 환관? 😉

Since it can be difficult to find a place to study we stayed in the lecture hall where I had just finished class. It’s not uncommon that students do this so we were joined by three random guys who seemed to have a field day watching me write obscure vocabulary on the whiteboard whenever they looked up from their laptops.

Often when I failed to remember one, the following happend “…that’s a blue word, right?” “yes…” “… how many syllables?”. Twice I managed to get the comment  “it’s correct, but your grammar is a bit Japanese. In Korean it’s perfectly ok to just say… but when you write, you should write what you said” when translating something on the spot. Well that’s new! However, I’d like to think my translation skills are improving. If nothing else I feel more confident even if making mistakes.

At Korean movie night we watched The Thieves (도둑들) which was absolutely hilarious. It’s a heist movie and super entertaining. If you have time, I can definitely recommend it.


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