Home from vacation

This week I’ve been to Sicily with my mum and some people from our Italian school. I think I need a few days to recuperate both physically and emotionally since the trip became somewhat more of an adventure than we had hoped for. I had expected to have a bit of time to study Korean at night, blog a little, and go to bed early, but I was so so wrong… We saw so many things there was barely time to laze around at all.

This was my first “vacation” in about 8 years so when my mum suggested it back in October I immediately accepted her invitation. The first day was really tough. We were travelling with a lot of people from our Italian language school and when we met to check in together in Copenhagen, our tickets showed up as “cancelled” in the system. We managed to sort it out, but you know what they say; 엎친데 덥친격… Just as we boarded the plane one of our co-travellers got a phone call from her husband, who was supposed to join us in Rome, who told us that our connecting flight from Rome to Palermo had been cancelled, and as if that wasn’t enough, about halfway through the flight there was a message over the speakers asking if there was a doctor was on the flight since another passenger had fallen ill – one of our travel companions volunteered and thankfully there was no need for a medical landing. Then we spent somewhere between 11 and 12 hours in Fiumicino Airport in Rome waiting for a flight to Palermo at 03:50. At least there was free wifi so we bought an extra set of headphones and streamed 기황후 while waiting. It was an exercise in patience, but we actually managed to have a good time although we were exhausted in the end. The flight attendants must have been able to see from our super quiet demeanour that we had nothing more to give since their security introduction was shortened to “there are life vests under your seats and all emergency exits are marked with exit signs. If you want further information, let us know”. I don’t even think they repeated that in English or maybe I just fell asleep before that.

The first hotel (in Palermo) had four stars, but there was only wifi connection in the reception, the shower drain was almost completely plugged, the saracinesca (does someone know the English word for that?) malfunctioned, and we barely avoided a fire when my mother tried to use the hairdrier. So… that was pretty eventful. At least I got myself two pairs of really lovely sandals in Palermo, a beautiful pair of earrings in Erice, and my mum has finally admitted that iPads are not only a source of distraction, but can be super useful too when it implies access to Korean dramas while spending a night in an airport.

We had a few more complications counting a bus change because some obscure engine part malfunctioned somewhere in the vicinity of Camporeale (which isn’t exactly the most urban place in Sicily) and our very last hotel had a problem with the water supply resulting in us having no water whatsoever, BUT we also had some very good experiences that I will remember for a long time to come. 

Although my Italian communication skills leave a lot to be desired, I was happy I understood most of what was going on around me – even explanations about particular wine production methods. Two people have praised my pronunciation (YAAAAY!) but I have to say I feel more comfortable speaking with native speakers when I’m not surrounded by other learners.


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